Personal Injury Protection

We help many auto collision patients in Fleming Island, FL. Select Health and Wellness has years of experience working with this type of injury. During a crash, your body is subjected to great forces that it simply wasn't built to handle. These forces place strain and stress on your neck, shoulders, and back. This can actually cause major, life-altering injury to the ligaments that hold your spine together. A crash may cause a wide variety of injuries and symptoms.

Select Health and Wellness will help by decreasing inflammation in the injured area and will prevent the formation of scar tissue that can result in chronic pain and disability.

Florida has personal injury protection through all auto insurance policies. This offers injured drivers up to $10,000 in instant medical coverage, as long as you've been seen by our office or a medical provider within 14 days of the accident. Person injury protection, otherwise known as PIP, covers all individuals in an auto accident regardless of liability. Follow this link to view Florida's PIP Statute 627.736.

You don't have to suffer from auto injury pain. Our office has close relationships with injury attorneys, MRI diagnostic clinics, orthopedic offices, and pain management to ensure that you are not only receiving the best care available, but we also help guide our patients through this difficult time. Learn more about how we may help you recover here or call Select Health and Wellness today at 904-452-9060.

Therapies Offered

  • Chiropractic Adjustments
  • In-House Or Virtual Nurse Practitioner Services
  • Active Rehabilitation(Soft Tissue/Corrective Exercise)
  • Graston Technique Therapy
  • Percussion Therapy
  • Manuel Therapy (Medical Massage Therapy)
  • SoftWave Tissue Regeneration Therapy "The Stem Cell Machine"
  • Deep Tissue Laser Therapy
  • Trigger Point Injections