Select Health and Wellness strives to provide individuals with the tools and services to promote healthy lifestyles. We understand the difficulties that busy individuals face and how easy it can be to put wellness on the backburner. This is why we offer corporate wellness events for companies to provide their employees with a little pampering or healthy tips.

Our office offers the following:
  • Massage pamper event
  • Lunch and Learn Lectures
  • Ergonomic checks

While ergonomic checks and health screenings are designed to check your health and work habits, our massage pamper event and lunch and learn lectures can be a great way to show your employees and co-workers how much you appreciate them. Our massage and pamper event allows your entire company to receive fun and relaxing massages, while the lunch and learn lecture – lunch is on us, of course – is designed to help you and your employees understand healthy eating habits and wellness options. With the average worker sitting down between 8 and 10 hours of his or her day, it is important to understand ways to promote wellness and health while at work. This is what these programs are designed for and why we offer them to your company.

Designed for the Entire Company

The overall goal of our corporate wellness events is to promote healthy living and wellness awareness for individuals with high-stress jobs, or even positions detrimental to their health. Above all else, it is a great opportunity for an entire company to come together as a team and improve their well-being, supporting each other along the way.