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Fleming Island Chiropractor Dr. Jon Paul FritzDr. Jon Paul Fritz, D.C.

Dr. Jon Paul Fritz's knowledge and passion about chiropractic care can be traced back to his collegiate athletic career. A serious football injury lead him into the treatment of a chiropractor, and that positive experience redirected his career path. Dr. Fritz worked with Dr. Brian Allard D.C. of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dr. Kevin Christie D.C. of the XPE Combine Prep Program for NFL athletes.

After several years of working closely with athletes, he decided to open his family practice in Port St. Lucie, Fl. During that time, he focused on creating a healthier community around him by reaching out and treating members of local schools, businesses and organizations.

As clinic director and owner, Dr. Fritz is thrilled to share his ideas of health and wellness with the community. Dr. Fritz uses a combination of A.R.T., The Graston Technique, chiropractic manual therapy, kinesio taping and corrective exercises to effectively treat most conditions. Over the years, Dr. Fritz has found that utilizing this combination not only helps athletes but patients of all ages by correcting the cause of the problem in the least amount of time.

Dr. Cheryl A. Koelling, D.C.

Dr. Koelling has a history of receiving chiropractic care since she was a child and always admired the philosophy of natural healing and wellness.

Throughout her teen years, she enjoyed participating in many dance programs, mostly ballet. She learned the importance of injury prevention and optimal wellness from her family Chiropractor during her pointe training.

Prior to pursuing her Doctor of Chiropractic program, Dr. Koelling attended the University of Missouri for her undergraduate studies. In addition to chiropractic, she holds experience in cognitive and behavioral neuroscience research as well as an extensive nonprofit background.

Having benefited from treatment herself, and wanting to share that passion with others she pursued her Doctor of Chiropractic program in St. Louis, Missouri.

When not treating patients, Dr. Koelling spends time enjoying her passions consisting of volunteering, supporting local businesses, and teaching future health professionals as an Anatomy and Physiology professor.


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